British Airways’ Flightpath to Net Zero

We have created a series of videos to show exactly what we’re doing to help achieve our goal of Net Zero by 2050. For more information about our BA Better World journey, visit our 2023 sustainability report here.

BA Better World

At British Airways, we believe flying is magical but recognise that flying comes at a cost and that we need to take urgent action to tackle the impact it has on our planet. As part of our journey with #BABetterWorld, we’re stepping up our programme to intensify our efforts towards our goal of Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Progressing the development and commercial deployment of SAF is one of the key solutions to decarbonising the aviation industry and a part of our plans to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. We’re the first airline in the world to use SAF produced on a commercial scale in the UK after signing a multi-year agreement with Phillips 66.

Over the next 20 years, our parent company IAG has committed $865 million in SAF purchases and investments, and in April 2021 it became the first European airline group to commit to powering 10 percent of all flights with sustainable aviation fuel by 2030.

Carbon Removals

With its parent company IAG, British Airways has supported research and innovation to help accelerate the development of cutting-edge carbon removals solutions since 2019, as part of its commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner.

Customers now have the chance to act on their emissions from flying by purchasing certified carbon removal credits. This latest pioneering innovation means carbon removals now join the range of options available for our customers, along with the existing options of verified carbon offsets and sustainable aviation fuel. This new proposition is believed to be the first time an airline has offered customers this portfolio of options to address their emissions.

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